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Managing a luxury residence property in Arizona can be challenging when it comes to balancing the comfort of our guests, and the extreme weather conditions we experience in the summer.  Our property is centered on an exclusive experience, and hassle-free resort lifestyle – we need business partners who understand, and are able to meet the same level of excellence we expect of ourselves at all times.

 Aries Heating and Cooling provides a level of service and excellence that is unparalleled.  Denis is on time, attentive, and prepared for all of our scheduled maintenance.  He takes the time to identify our individual needs and personalize the experience.  In the event of an emergency Denis has always ensured we have a solution while meeting our unique requirements.  He makes our satisfaction a priority by servicing our needs discreetly, and timely.  He understands the complexity of the heating and cooling needs in Arizona, and there are never any surprises.  He explains the process start to finish and makes sure we understand each step of the way.

Denis of Aries Heating and Cooling has been serving our property for 12 years, and we look forward to many more!

Kevin Heyninck,
Director of Engineering

Searching for, and ultimately finding, a trustworthy, reliable, and dependable A/C service tech in Arizona is challenging.  Added to this complication was the fact that summer was just around the corner and our A/C stopped working.  I called several heating & cooling providers, both locally advertised and recommended from others.  I met with a few in order to assess our issue and make appropriate recommendations.  One thing that stood out with everyone I met, with Denis from Aries Heating & Cooling being the only exception, was they heard (not listened), only as long as it took to start their sales pitch, after which none of what I had discussed with them prior was important – and according to them I absolutely needed a full replacement.

In short, a part of the overall unit had failed, not the entire unit.  I live in a two-story home and our heating / cooling system is comprised of several individual components; each of which had not failed.  Though each provider I met with inspected the unit and came to the same root cause of the issue, only Denis understood that there could be multiple solutions based on my immediate and future needs.  Denis took the time to actually hear and understand what I was saying – and make several recommendations, not just a full system replacement.  He made sure I understood all of my options, how they would impact me, and what would be involved.  In fact he specifically recommended against the full system replacement as in AZ one component (the heating component) is infrequently used, infrequently requires service and would have no significant impact to our immediate comfort if it ultimately required replacement.

Once a resolution had been decided upon Denis walked me through each step of the process.  He answered all my questions, ensured we were on the same page, and was available both before and after work had been done should any more arise.  Denis called me the night before work was to start to confirm everything we had gone over, and was punctual and prepared the following day.  He worked hard to ensure there was as little disruption to my family as possible, cleaned all areas of work as he worked and not after, and completed the work ahead of schedule.  It is tough sometimes to know who to trust when it comes to highly specialized service; I will trust my future heating and cooling needs to Aries Heating & Cooling!


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